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  • 76,30 € Available
    Ready to be hung! The Creative-Cables pendant lamp complete with copper finish Diamond bulb cage, E27 lamp holder with double closure with copper finish, copper finish ceiling rose and RC04 Black Cotton Cable cable is ready to be hung from your ceiling or wall. All you need to do is pick the bulb for you (our G125 long filament Classic Brilliance Globes...
  • 23,10 € Available
    Finally an LED bulb as beautiful as its carbon filament counterpart: the filament LED Smoky Light Bulb - Edison ST64 Curved Double Loop Filament revolutionises LED bulb aesthetics. Its curved filament produces a warm and intimate light, comparable to the traditional 40-45W bulbs but with lower consumption and longer duration. The smoky tinted glass gives...
  • 3,50 € Available
    Ideal for lighting projects with a modern and elegant look, our Rayon cables offer colours bright and shiny. 100% Made in Italy. They are perfect for creating designer lamps, to renew a lampshade and to give a touch of colour to your home or at your office.
  • 58,70 € Available
    A design must, the black polish lampshade has been a decorating cornerstone for over 50 years. Harbour combines the typical shape of this kind of lampshade with a series of openings around the internal lamp holder. Not only does this allow for increased ventilation inside the lamp, but the light pierces through these wedges, creating a brilliant effect!...
  • 55,50 € Available
    A suspended lamp with a striking unique design. This pendant with nautical 3XL 30mm rope in black shiny fabric is 100% made in Italy with quality materials. This ceiling lamp is perfect to combine both rustic and shabby chic environments. Select the cable length according to your needs and choose whether if you prefer to receive a suspended lamp already...
Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items

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