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Accessories for the true Enlightened

This time we thought of you, who loves to customise your lamps and cannot wait to experiment. Unsheathe your screwdriver!

Fan of the tracks?
The electrified tracks are a minimal and elegant lighting solution: with this multi-adapter it is possible to enrich them with suspension elements made with our textile cables.  A small knob allows you to select up to three different phase circuits.

Clamps for everyone 
The 1,7 cm version is complemented by two new 7 and 15 cm models in 6 finishes, to be combined with rosettes and metal lamp holders. You’ll also find ready-to-assemble rosettes and lamp-holder kits including the 7 and 15 cm long cable clamps.

Extension pipes
Available in 6 lengths and 6 metal finishes, they can creatively customize a ceiling or table lamp. Near a rosette or a lamp-holder they add a metallic touch to a suspension, applied on a Posaluce they transform it into a very slender upright lamp.

Also curved!
Available in 6 metal finishes, they will change the appearance of your wall lamp: they can increase the height of a Posaluce and orient the lamp holder, transforming a spotlight into a real sconce. Add a fabric shade for a more classical touch!

Posted on 10/17/2018 New Product

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