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Tattoo Lamp®

The LED lamps of the Tattoo Lamp® line come from the creativity of Magnetico® and are subjected to a special treatment that makes them frosted and therefore making them possible to be decorated.

What’s microblasting? 
A modern version of sandblasting, it consists of gently abrading a surface with very small ceramic beads. At the end of the process, which takes place in a specialized Tuscan artisan workshop, the bulb is applied with a matt white colour.

A delicate light... 
The light emitted by the short filament is partially shielded, making the illuminating effect less aggressive and therefore ideal for reading and working. In addition, thanks to the presence of drawings and decorative symbols, the light bulb acquires a great potential as a communicative tool.

Customizable too 
Hearts, kisses, circles, planets, basketballs and billiard balls: these are just the first ideas that came to mind. The next Tattoo Lamp® bulbs can bear the logo or slogan of your business, commercial operation or architectural project!

Posted on 11/05/2018 New Product

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