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Sales Information





It takes control of every delivery step: from pickup to courier ratings, including quality control, customer support and issue resolution.

National WING
7-20 Days

RegionPrice tax incl. from 0 to 75€from 75 to 225€from 225 to 550€from 550€ to up
Emirate of Dubai5€ tax incl.8€ tax incl.15€ tax
Other United Arab Emirates7€ tax incl.10€ tax incl.18€ tax
International WING
7-20 Days
RegionPrice tax incl. from 0 to 75€from 75 to 225€from 225€ to up
GCC International trasportation S (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar)20€ tax incl.25€ tax incl.30€ tax incl.
GCC International trasportation L (Saudi Arabia, Lebanon)25€ tax incl.30€ tax incl.35€ tax incl.
Pickup:Green Tower,office 1504 str.6c, Riggat al Buteen,Deira



PayPlug for Euro

All payments are process through PayPlug, the leader in online payments. Payments can be made directly from any Debit or Credit Card. 
PayPlug helps protect your credit card information with industry-leading security and fraud prevention systems.

Stripe for Dirham

Smart Payment Services
Secure online & mobile transactions for alle webshops with all the best credit card circuits: Visa, Maestro, Mastercard, AMEX.

Bank Transfer

You do the selling, we’ll be the watchdog.
Through bank transfer, you can transfer your money easily and safely.
Order shall only be processed when payment has been received in our account in full, please allow for more delivery time. Our standard delivery time of 7-20 days shall apply from the moment the payment has been received.
Make sure that the purchaser bears all bank charges to avoid any delays.

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