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Cobble Ocean blue light bulb, Pastel line, spiral filament, 4W E27 Dimmable 2200K


New product

We're really pleased to offer the Large E27 Cobble blue-green LED bulb. The striking colour and size really will bring interest, excitement and something very special to any room.

This product is one of a set of four shapes, three of which are new to Creative Cables. Although the colours are anything but, the other one is the regular G125. These are large bulbs, measuring 22cm in diameter and as well as a new shape, the ocean blue is very eye-catching and unusual. It's destined to end up a fabulous talking point, perhaps for that one space that's missing a little something extra.

It's not just a thing of beauty either; we've given a lot of consideration to practicality so the 4W E27 LED bulb is both dimmable and environmentally sympathetic.

Due to the size, we suggest this item is perfect for pendant lighting. There are many contrasting and matching coloured or fabric cables or artistic ceiling roses available on our website to complete the look.

Warning: To dim LED bulbs we strongly recommend using the latest generation of universal dimmer available elsewhere on our website as either wall or inline options.

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Technical Data

  • Light Bulb Type: LED
  • Shape: Cobble
  • Fitting: E27
  • Diameter: 220mm
  • Length: 245mm
  • Volt: 220/240V
  • Watt: 4W
  • Energy Efficiency Class: B
  • Colour Temperature: 2200K


For curved filament bulbs, IGBT dimming is highly recommended.
When choosing a dimmer please consider the maximum power rating and in order to avoid flicker and possible damage, please check the minimum power rating.

Data sheet
Adjustment Dimmable
Fitting E27
Diameter 220 Ø
Light bulb type Led
Color Temperature 2200°K
Volt 220V, 240V
Watt 4W
Energy Efficiency Class B
Shape Other shapes
Opening Beam 300°
Lumen 100 Lm
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